Good News!

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 13, 2011

Despite the fact that some in Congress want to remain antediluvian when it comes to the subject of trade, Congress passed three trade bills. As I have written before, free trade is as close to a silver bullet as there is to spur economic growth, and these trade deals, once implemented, should help expand the economy, and create desperately needed jobs.

Now for the uncomfortable question: Given the fact that the economy has been in the doldrums for quite a few years now, why did the Obama Administration wait so long before finally submitting these trade pacts for Congressional approval? After all, we could have used the economic shot in the arm a while ago, and we could be fully enjoying the benefits of these free trade pacts now.

UPDATE: The enactment of three free trade agreements may constitute three steps forward, but apparently, enough people in Congress want to take at least one step back by encouraging a trade war with China.

And apparently, Mitt Romney is willing to pose as a protectionist as well. I am sure that Romney knows better to think that protectionism is a good idea, but it says something unfavorable about him–and about the electorate–that we are actually debating whether we should precipitate the only kind of war that would have a government turn its weapons upon its own citizens.

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