The Fabulously Overrated Elizabeth Warren

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 22, 2011

Elizabeth Warren appears to be set to become The Next Great Liberal Hope Before Liberals Become Disappointed and Disillusioned With Her (Barack Obama is The Previous Great Liberal Hope Now That Liberals Have Become Disappointed and Disillusioned With Him), so until the Great Disillusionment happens, Warren will have a worshipful fan base amongst liberal blogs. For her sake, one hopes that she will enjoy her time in the sun, before she is accused of being an ideological sellout.

Yesterday–a pre-Disillusionment day, of course–Warren made a comment about the social contract that sent port side blogs into paroxysms of joy and delight. I guess it’s inconvenient for Warren, and her fans, that Jonah Goldberg has come along to point out that when it comes to the intellectual content of Warren’s statement, there is no there there. Key passage:

Of course conservatives believe in a social contract, albeit a more bare bones version than the one liberals believe in. Insinuations otherwise are a red herring. But you can believe in a social contract and also believe the Left is pursuing class warfare. The suggestion that one contradicts the other is entirely bogus.

Quite so, but when one side of the partisan divide is entirely unable to bring fresh ideas to the table, bogus arguments and the bluster that accompanies them looks quite attractive. Thus Warren’s appeal.

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