This Must Be That Post-Tucson Civility That Everyone Was Talking About

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 2, 2011

Joe Biden allegedly calls Tea Partiers “terrorists” (he denies that he did). Representative Mike Doyle (D. PA.) definitely called them terrorists, and absurdly claimed that Tea Partiers “have made it impossible to spend any money.” Right; there is no spending going on. None at all.

Joe Nocera joins in the claim that Tea Partiers are terrorists, and accuses them of making “war on America.” All of this serves to prove, once and for all, that the pious demands for “civility” coming from the port side of American politics is completely, and entirely hypocritical in nature. “Civility” apparently is only supposed to run one way; Republicans are to be civil to Democrats, while Democrats can be appallingly outrageous and insulting in their rhetoric towards Republicans. The spectacle is absurd to watch.

Related question: Since Paul Krugman writes that if he were in the House, he would vote against raising the debt ceiling, is he a terrorist too?

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