On Wisconsin

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 10, 2011

The Democratic effort to take control of the Wisconsin state senate via recall elections has failed, despite frantic and desperate Democratic efforts to oust Republican lawmakers. The Democrats had just about every advantage in terms of spending money on the elections, and voter intensity and motivation. And yet, in a state that has traditionally been hospitable to Democratic concerns, they couldn’t get it done; which says something about how much Wisconsin, and America in general, have drifted to the right.

Next week, Republicans get a chance to try to recall two Democratic state senators. If they succeed, the pre-election status quo will have been maintained in terms of the balance of power in the Wisconsin state senate, and the recall elections will have achieved precisely nothing for Democrats. But even as things stand now, it is clear that voters just don’t buy into the Democratic message. And all of the recall efforts in the world aren’t going to change that in the near term.

  • http://brianjnoggle.com Brian J.

    By saying “drifted to the right”, do you mean to imply this is just a reaction to outside stimuli, or might it be more reasoned or conscious than that?

    • Anonymous

      I think that the country log ago made a conscious decision to drift to the right, and that the presence of a Democratic President has only served to accelerate the drift. My objection is that there is an increased strain of populism in the country these days, but the claims in 2008 that we were entering “a liberal moment” have been shown to be ridiculous.

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