Did the White House Capitulate?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 1, 2011

That’s the question this article asks. I have to think that the answer is indisputably “yes”; the debt ceiling deal consists entirely of spending cuts, and no tax increases. Certainly, people like me didn’t get everything that we wanted; there is no entitlement reform worthy of the name, there is no tax reform at all, and the defense cuts in the bill are going to be hard to swallow. But when compared to what the Obama Administration gave up to get a deal, Congressional Republicans didn’t concede all that much.

So I have to ask, in light of the deal, how long will it take for liberals to demand that someone oppose President Obama for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2012? After all, from the liberal perspective, why should the President be spared an opponent? He keeps giving in to Republican demands, he has proved himself to be a poor negotiator, and while his stance might help him with centrists, it is indisputably harming him with his base. Moreover, liberal policy priorities are clearly getting short shrift in this Administration.

Are liberals going to allow this White House to repeatedly throw them under the bus, or are they going to do something about the fact that every time there is a policy debate or negotiation, they get rolled?

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