Broken Promises on Health Care Reform

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 27, 2011

Remember the Obama Administration’s assurances that its health care reform legislation would allow you to keep your current plan if you like it?

Byron York begs to differ with the Administration’s assurances on this issue. It seems that the legislation provides employers an incentive to drop coverage for employees, since the cost of paying fines for not providing coverage are significantly less than the costs of keeping employees covered under company health care plans.

Now, as York points out, this is not going to happen immediately, since employers are going to need to compete with one another in order to attract talent, and providing superior health care coverage is a great way of attracting superior talent. But by 2014, when people are required to purchase health care coverage under the individual mandate, employers will feel that they can afford to scale back their own health care coverage for the people who work for them. That will necessarily mean a change in health care plans–whether individuals want them or not. And that may constitute a change (perhaps for the worse) in the degree to which people are covered for treatment, and the ease with which people are able to continue to see the doctors they are seeing now.

So, in short, you may very well not be able to keep the health care coverage you currently have, no matter how much you may like it. Maybe this problem will be resolved by having the Supreme Court declare part or all of the health care reform bill unconstitutional. But that won’t stop the Obama Administration from pushing to implement an equally flawed bill, whose sole saving grace may be that it is Constitutionally sound, even though it may still be bad on policy grounds.

The best way to resolve the impending health care policy mess, of course, is to work to change the occupant of the Oval Office come 2012. I for one consider the Obama Administration’s effort to mislead the public on the issue of health care reform a valid reason for denying the Obama Administration a second term. Don’t you?

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