The Very Vulnerable Barack Obama

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on June 22, 2011

Suddenly, re-election doesn’t look like a sure thing anymore, does it?

Americans are growing more dissatisfied with President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy and say it will be hard to vote to re-elect him without seeing significant progress over the next year and a half.

By a margin of 61 percent to 37 percent, a Bloomberg National Poll conducted June 17-20 shows Americans say they believe that Obama will have had his chance to make the economy “substantially better” by the end of 2012.

Only 30 percent of respondents said they are certain to vote for the president and 36 percent said they definitely won’t. Among likely independent voters, only 23 percent said they will back his re-election, while 36 percent said they definitely will look for another candidate.

“As far as the economy goes, I don’t see that he has delivered on the change that he promised,” said Sharon Ortiz, a 38-year-old independent voter from Hampton, Virginia, who supported Obama in 2008. “The jobs that he promised — I haven’t seen it.”

The left continues to be angry with the President, and general discontent continues to run rampant. I suppose that the only comfort President Obama can draw from the polls is that he may be able to beat individual Republicans in specific matchups; the general weakness of the Republican field is likely the only thing that might be able to save him in 2012, unless the economy turns around dramatically before then. And it doesn’t look as though the economy will turn around dramatically before then.

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