It Must Not Be Easy To Be Christopher Hitchens These Days

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on May 10, 2011

After all, his cancer has hardly let up, which of course means that we admirers still have to face the possibility of losing Hitchens at a much-too-young age. I would have thought that being as sick as he is might be somewhat distracting for Hitchens; it may be more difficult to focus one’s mind on being a great writer while facing a disease that may well be terminal. Certainly, Hitchens could be excused if he has other things on his mind besides writing and commentary.

But for the moment, Hitchens is continuing to keep his hand in the debates of the day. Not only can he write affectingly about his battles with disease, he presents to the rest of us irrefutable evidence that even while batting Stage 4 cancer, Christopher Hitchens can ratiocinate and write better than a healthy Noam Chomsky, and a healthy–if massively overweight–Michael Moore can.

I do hope that Hitchens sticks around. There are a lot of liars and frauds out there. Someone is needed to take them on. And Christopher Hitchens is one of the best at taking on liars and frauds.

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