Where Does Stan McChrystal Go To Get His Reputation Back?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 19, 2011

You recall the Stanley McChrystal scandal, right? The one that forced him out of the Army? I blogged about it here, and while I was sorry to see the General go, I also tried, in my post, to respect the President’s need to have a general who would not talk out of school, and who would not undermine the civilian leadership as a consequence.

Except, as we learn, that’s not what General McChrystal did. At all. Quoth Abu Muqawama:

Let’s take bets on the page number of the Times in which this article will run? A16? And while we’re taking bets, what are the odds, between this investigation and the now discredited article on Gen. Caldwell, that Rolling Stone will conduct its own internal investigation into these stories?

I think we should have a giant blogospheric betting pool guessing the date when the major media organizations will publicize the exculpatory findings associated with this case just as fervidly as they publicized the charges against General McChrystal. Here is my entry on when I think that the high-profile media mea culpas will issue.

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