by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 27, 2011

Despite the efforts of people like Mark Kleiman to restrict access to legal representation only to those parties people like Mark Kleiman approve of, there are plenty of people who pass the F. Scott Fitzgerald test of intelligence, and who are willing to go on the record to applaud Paul Clement for standing up for legal ethics and professionalism, while decrying the bullying tactics and the lack of courage that led to King & Spalding’s withdrawal from the case. Benjamin Wittes collects plaudits from all sides for Clement’s conduct, including from Attorney General Eric Holder, punching yet another hole in Kleiman’s nonsensical claim that this is just “political” litigation, and that the battle lines are drawn to pit bigots against non-bigots in a Manichean struggle of good versus evil.

The next time the “reality-based community” tells you that it is in favor of the rule of law, due process, and everyone having his/her/their day in court, remember this episode.

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