Fighting Over the Budget

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on April 6, 2011

Some excellent pointers from Kevin Williamson on the emerging nature of the budget debate, and how Republicans can win that debate in the aftermath of the release of Paul Ryan’s plan. I certainly don’t think that Americans–or anyone else, for that matter–want to have an 88% tax increase, and I agree with Williamson that Republicans ought to make clear that this is what they will get if entitlement reform does not take place.

Additionally noteworthy is Williamson’s point that the Democrats do not have an alternative to the Ryan proposal to tout. All they have is a campaign to demonize Paul Ryan. This is really remarkable; Democrats control the White House, and the Senate, but it is House Republicans who have taken the lead in trying to bring entitlements under control. It is a remarkable exercise in leadership on the part of the House GOP, and a remarkable failure of leadership on the part of President Obama and his allies in Congress; a point which cannot be stressed enough, and which should be stressed as often as possible until the Democrats match Ryan plan to plan, instead of merely contenting themselves with sending hatchet people to insult and deride him.

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