Malkin Award Nominee

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 31, 2011

“. . . I fear, as Yglesias notes, that the Congress doesn’t even want to exercize its powers or even go on the record … because they’re a bunch of pansy-ass losers. But I hope that some of them actually care about the Constitution (hello, Tea Party!) and fight back. If the Obama administration is refusing even to abide by the War Powers Act, then the Congress really needs to vote to defund their adventurism at least or impeach them if it comes to that. Going to war outside even the War Powers Act qualifies as an impeachable offense, it seems to me.” – Andrew Sullivan.

Such “shrill, hyperbolic, divisive and intemperate right-wing rhetoric”! (I note that Sullivan continues to categorize himself as a conservative; thus my nomination of his post for a Malkin Award. Others might think that Sullivan has fully drifted to the Left, which would make him eligible for a Moore Award nominee. In any event, those chuckling at Sullivan’s discomfort over this issue might be eligible for a Schadenfreude Award nomination. I know that I am road-testing an acceptance speech in the event that I win.)

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