Around the Intertubes: March 21, 2011

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on March 21, 2011

1. On Menckeniana.

2. Law and the Multiverse gets some well-deserved love. Those looking to see what it means to “think like a lawyer” could do much worse than to peruse Law and the Multiverse’s posts on a daily basis.

3. I hereby announce that I believe in both the Party-Pooper Principle, and the Pragmatic Party-Pooper Corollary. (Via Rob Sica.)

4. Like. (Via Stephen Bainbridge.)

5. “My lord, I’ve reached the main power generators. The shield will be down in moments; you may start your landing.”

(Via Brad Jackson.)

6. Yes Virginia, we have a very progressive income tax system. Something to remember the next time someone tells you that the rich are not taxed enough in the United States.

7. Steven Levitt visits an old haunt of mine, explains the pricing policy–or lack of a coherent pricing policy–behind the chicken wings served there, and has me jonesing for a midnight run for the stuff.

8. Don Boudreaux does the dreary work of correcting paleoconservative misapprehensions regarding Adam Smith.

9. Abu Muqawama tries to explain things to John Kerry. Maybe Mamma Muqawama needs to be called in for backup.

10. I love living near a big city, but I could really get used to this.

  • Henry IX

    Jack Shafer’s review on Menckeniana gives me the impression that Mencken was a man fascinated by the sound of his own voice. “If the only voice you listen to is your own, your intellect begins to deteriorate” I have not been able to confirm that Rosa Luxemburg was the source of that comment, but it sounds like something she might have said. Mr. Shafer, comments “Too much Mencken in one sitting can be a very bad thing, either putting the reader off or—worse still—turning him into a mini-Mencken, filled with invective and empty of insight.” That seems to me very telling. If a mini-Mencken is empty of insight, perhaps the real article was similarly lacking? If so, it would be better to be turned off.

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