Query of the Day

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 2, 2011

Is there really a point in dragging the poor groundhog out for duty today?

UPDATE: Admiral Ozzel’s pictures from space before having been telekinetically strangled to death. While we are on the subject, killing Ozzel was stupid; no moron takes the fleet out of light speed hundreds of parsecs away from Hoth, and then slowboats it. The Rebels could have had time to eat a fifteen course meal, nap, and implement a six-month diet plan to work off the excess weight they might have gained . . . before taking a trip to a more tropical planet for another two months prior to having to fight the Battle of Hoth. But sub-optimal military outcomes are what you get when you put a 6’11″ semi-robotic heavy-breather with an Atari 5200 strapped on his chest in charge of the Imperial Navy.

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