More Violent Political Rhetoric

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 23, 2011

Democratic Congressman Mike Capuano should have a lot to answer for in the supposed new age of civility:

A Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts is raising the stakes in the nation’s fight over the future of public employee unions, saying emails aren’t enough to show support and that it is time to “get a little bloody.”

“I’m proud to be here with people who understand that it’s more than just sending an email to get you going. Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary,” Rep. Mike Capuano (D-Ma.) told a crowd in Boston on Tuesday rallying in solidarity for Wisconsin union members.

If we are going to criticize politicians who use violent rhetoric and imagery, then Capuano should be a prime target. His comments are at least as objectionable as Sarah Palin’s publication of a map with cross-hairs.

  • BS Footprint

    Surely you don’t expect a level playing field, do you?

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a MSM outcry against violent political rhetoric coming from union sympathizers.

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