Melissa Clouthier Sings From My Songsheet

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 5, 2011

She asks whether libertarians (she uses a capital “L,” but I hope and believe she intended to include small “l” libertarians as well) and GOProud should be invited to this year’s CPAC gathering. Her conclusion:

The answer to the question about whether Libertarians should be at well, yes, they should be there. And so should GOProud. They have every right to try and convince people of their ideas. The Conservative world is not the Borg. It is not some monolithic hive-mind like the Left enjoys. There are debates and the circles expand and constrict.

The fiscally conservative circle was nearly non-existent for years. I’m glad it’s back. I hope it can make a difference policy-wise and through concrete legislation.

And I hope social conservatives don’t abandon CPAC. I have strong reservations about identity politics in conservative thought. In fact, I’m pretty sure identity-politics are antithetical to conservatism as a philosophy. Still, we need to reach more minority voters and convince them of conservatism. How do we do that and not balkanize conservatism?

That’s a real discussion that must be had. And CPAC is just the place to have it.

The last two sentences in the penultimate paragraph are the best parts of a very well-reasoned conclusion. They also point the way to further electoral comebacks by the center-right.

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