In Which I Am Forced To Be Pedantic

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 24, 2011

Andrew Sullivan has a post entitled “The Arab 1848: A Long Time Coming.” It features the following picture:

Anyone spot the problem here? Answer after the jump . . .

Iran is not an Arab country. And just for the record, this is yet another case in which Rhymes-With-Shmoogle might have helped keep a Daily Dish writer from making a mistake.

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  • Anonymous

    Well, it was obvious that ran in not an Arab country, though it has a substantial Arab minority population in some regions. For some reason I am reminded of what a Kurd told Michael Totten a few years ago, when Totten inquired about why the Kurds had set up checkpoints to guard against Iraqi Arabs entering the Kurdish region of Iraq. He said something like “the Arabs are crazy”.

  • Chrisleb1

    I was reminded of 1848 in the last couple of days as well.

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  • Joe Hooker

    The Egyptians and North Africans (Algeria, Tunisia, etc.) are not Arabs either. The Egyptians are well, Egyptians and have been there since the pharaohs. North Africans are a mix but they’re not Arabs. In fact this is a cause of considerable friction in the Islamic world, not that Andrew Sullivan would know anything about it.

  • Geoff Puterbaugh

    The comments about Egyptians and North Africans are quite accurate, although there obviously has been a lot of “genetic mixing” with Arabs and Turks. However, one clincher for “Arab identity” is language, and the whole Maghreb speaks Arabic, as does Egypt.

    Iran is a completely different country. They are Persians, they speak Persian (Farsi) which is, unlike Arabic, an Indo-European language, and they have a civilization thousands of years old. They consider Arabs to be uncivilized.

    Given all that, it’s a wonder they haven’t tossed Islam, which was forced down their throats at sword-point by those uncivilized Arabs many centuries ago.

    • Anthony

      Geoff – Iran has their own form of Islam, so they’re not going to toss it. (Some Arabs follow it, too, which to Iranians is evidence that those Arabs are more civilized than the rest.)

    • Belkys J Guerrero

      Usually the more advanced civilization is defeated by the less advanced. Rome( the point can be argued) – Greece. Germanic barbarians – Rome . Germany ( entered Renascence in the xix century) the rest of Europe. Mongols-China . Mongols – India. Sorry but colonies .- the Empire

    • Jim Farley

      Berbers speak Arabic at gunpoint in Libya. They retain their own language and will revert wholly soon. There are lots of Berbers in Algeria as well, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Markbahrain

    Bahrain is an Arab state but the vast majority, 70-80% are Persian, not Arab. Only the ruling family and it’s cronies are Arabs.

  • Astro Quaoar

    Unforgiveable. Next, he will claim that Indonesians are Arabs.

  • Anonymous

    The common thread in these troubled regions seems to be a nation having little to no resources, a tin-horn dictator or monarchy in-charge, mix in societal control by strict religious dogma and you have the formula for 90% of todays civil unrest.

    Unless, of course, I’m just being racist.


  • Mark Well

    Further proving Instapundit’s refrain: credentialed, not educated.

  • Alankh

    Some years ago I remember coming across a post somewhere in the blogosphere – about citizens of some Persian Gulf state (forgot which one) who has used Google Maps or Google Earth to point out some architectural opulence that the haves had built at the expense of the have-nots. Does anyone remember this? I’d sure like to know how the folks behind that old news story are reacting to today’s uprisings.

  • Anonymous

    Replace Iran with Iraq and it works, and Iraq was the first to be liberated!

  • Merecitizen

    The 1848 revolutions in Europe were a failure. There are similarities in that the unrest was fueled by a serious food crisis, high unemployment and stagnant wages. But the reality is the fact the Revolutions were an epic failure, large amounts of socialists and moderate liberals fled Europe for America. The largest immigrant group was Germans, sending political ripples throughout this country that continue today. Want to understand the politics of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan? Understand what immigrant population settled the areas and what politics they brought with them.

    Andrew Sullivan is an idiot, neither he nor his buddies have any kind of real grasp on history or it’s realities. Yet guess who is teaching your children history?

    The 1848 Revolutions did bring the conditions in which WWI was bred, and the collapse of European monarchies following it, and we are all aware how WWI is intimately connected to the rise in the factors that brought WWII. It is my opinion that Andrew Sullivan may well be right, notwithstanding his challenges regarding ethnicity, he just isn’t right for the reasons he thinks he is.

    Related to the technology of the world today the years it took to get from 1848 to 1939 are much more likely to be compressed in today’s world. Perhaps this is not a good time to note the Iranians who once called themselves Persians, renowned themselves as Ayrans.

    I am Dariush, the great king, the king of kings
    The king of many countries and many people
    The king of this expansive land,
    The son of Wishtaspa of Achaemenid,
    Persian, the son of a Persian,
    ‘Aryan’, from the Aryan race
    From the Darius the Great’s Inscription in Naqshe-e-Rostam”

    Herodotus, the Greek father of history, notes this in his writings as well. As did Nazi Germany. Think Andrew Sullivan will notice?

  • Chris W

    I second the comment that the revolutions of 1848 were a failure. The revolutionaries thought their romanticism and ideals would guarantee their success.

    Having said that, although the aims of the revolution were not met (some would have said that was a good thing), in Germany and France the conservative governments that followed the revolutions – though not democratic – were humanistic, efficient and relatively enlightened. Iran and the Arab world would be lucky to have a leader like Napoleon III.

  • rand1

    its perfect, but u forgot Palestine, we’ve been fighting for more than 60 year.. :(

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