Another Mitch Daniels Post

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on February 24, 2011

My podcast on Daniels and his conflict with Indiana Democrats can be found here. As is clear from the podcast, I think that Daniels is getting a bad rap on the right to work bill, that he’s behaved a lot more soberly and responsibly in response to the actions of the Indiana Democrats than many give him credit for, and that when it comes to labor issues, his record is outstanding.

Another Daniels-related issue: Chris Christie is a fan. I imagine that some people will now term Christie some kind of RINO as a consequence, but I doubt that will go over well.

  • Michael Fisk

    I think the people that are invested in “ideological purity” have already written Daniels off for his position on the right-to-work bill (if not for the “truce” before that), but those people are starting to form a circular firing squad. They get a champion, find out that person did something they don’t approve of, so they slime him and move on to the next big thing. Meanwhile, the rest of us are going “details?”, trying to figure out what’s going on before throwing anyone under the bus.

    Sadly, others are too busy honking the bus’ horn to listen to the calls to slow down.

  • Esqdjm

    Daniels has placed his agenda, which he considers to be more important now than the “right to work” bill. This has folks like Yousefzadeh giving him props for his realistic approach to getting things done. OK, however the timing stinks since his back down (and it is a back down even for noble purposes) is now the talk of the Unionist and it is being shouted out as what they can do if they only stay with the disruption. I have not confirmed, but one lefty blog I have been told has stated that if they keep it up the conservatives will have no choice but to fight each other ala Daniels/Walker. Argue all you want that Daniel’s did the right thing, but understand he has given the Unionist hope and they have grown stronger as a result. If the Indiana repubs (now it is ok to questions Daniel’ commitment to conservatism) would have stated that in Walkers circumstances they would be taking the same action etc. maybe it would have not played so well for the Unions. There is always a way to get things done without giving the thugs hope. Here in Texas Mr. |Daniels in not going to be received well when he tries out his “national” test to see if he can capture the nomination of his party. He is not staunch enough even in his own beliefs. Check his stance on why SS should be given only to those below a certain income level. Daniels cannot “see how we should allow the well off” (his words) collect SS when they do not need it even though Bill Gates has had the government force him to give up his money by paying FICA just like the rest of we productive folks. I don’t think he has a sense of the American fair play. If you are not going to allow folks to collect SS then be honest with them and tell them they are paying a ‘productive tax’ to support the less productive and don’t tell them they are paying into a government forced retirement program to protect their future by forcing them to ‘save’. Yes, ole Mr. Daniels isn’t going to do well here we admire straight talk and American fairness.

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