Quote of the Day

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 19, 2011

IT’S clear by now that Paul Krugman thinks there is something seriously wrong with Republicans. The theme of yesterday’s column was Republican contempt for logic and good-faith policy analysis. Late last week, Mr Krugman’s theme was Republican immorality as the basis of our nation’s irreconcilable political divisions. Though it is a challenge to accept that a man of Mr Krugman’s intelligence truly believes America’s ills flow exclusively from the intellectual and moral failures of the people who disagree with him, I don’t believe he is arguing in bad faith. He really is that self-righteously Manichean. What drives Mr Krugman absolutely nuts is that people who are wrong about everything are just as self-righteously Manichean as he is. Where do they get off?

Will Wilkinson. Read the whole thing. Then ask yourself why it is that anyone takes Paul Krugman seriously.

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