Around the Intertubes, January 16, 2011

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 16, 2011

1. The unlikely inspiration for Galileo’s scientific pursuits: Dante Alighieri. I certainly don’t doubt Galileo, but it ought to surprise no one when I write that I will still read Dante with pleasure.

2. I am afraid I am not much of a “the house is building” kind of guy.

3. *Wipes brow in relief* I am still a Gemini.

4. There is something really wrong with American immigration and foreign visitation policy.

5. “I’ll take ‘Challenges to Human Supremacy’ for $500, Alex.”

6. Dazzling:

7. Dan Drezner takes the Mickey out of Amy Chua. Do see Keith Humphrys’s take on the matter as well (yes, surprisingly enough, the so-called “Reality-Based Community” actually has something valuable to contribute to the subject).

8. In shocking news, men falter in chess games against beautiful women.

9. Speaking of chess, this looks to be a formidable program.

10. French children meet relics of the past, and one immediately gets it into his head to become a DJ:

I feel very old.

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