A Beneficial Effect of the Republican Takeover of the House of Representatives

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on January 19, 2011

At long last, the Obama Administration is taking a look at curbing unreasonable regulations on business:

President Barack Obama Tuesday ordered a government-wide review of regulations with the goal of eliminating those that hurt job creation and make the U.S. economy less competitive.

Obama took action after unveiling his plan in an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal in which he said some rules have placed “unreasonable burdens on business — burdens that have stifled innovation and have had a chilling effect on growth and jobs.”

The executive order marked Obama’s latest move to repair relations with U.S. business, which were frayed amid bitter debate over his overhauls of Wall Street regulations and healthcare that some business leaders said would stymie corporate America.

Obama has struck a more business-friendly tone since his Democrats lost the U.S. House of Representatives and saw their Senate majority reduced in November congressional elections widely seen as a verdict on his handling of the stumbling economy and persistently high unemployment.

I am from Missouri when it comes to this issue; if the Administration wants to prove its bona fides, it will have to show me, and show others that it is serious about regulatory reform. Otherwise, this is all a bit of triangulation. But it should be obvious that if Republicans did not make the electoral gains that they made in the 2010 midterm elections, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation in the first place.

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