More Charges Against Charlie Rangel?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 6, 2010

You’d think that the longtime Congressman would have learned to stay on the right side of the rules, having been censured by the House for ethics violations just last week. Alas . . .

The Federal Election Commission is investigating a complaint that Rep. Charles Rangel improperly used his National Leadership PAC to fund his legal defense on ethics charges for which he was censured Thursday, The Post has learned.

The FEC is acting on a complaint by the National Legal and Policy Center filed after The Post reported last month that Rangel paid nearly $400,000 from his PAC.

Lawmakers are only allowed to use money in their individual campaign funds for legal fees, or they can set up legal defense funds for such costs.

Rangel appeared before the House Ethics Committee last month saying he could no longer afford legal counsel after already burning through $2 million.

You know, at some point, expulsion from the House is going to have to become a serious option.

  • Robspe51

    This is what happens when someone – anyone, a child, even – has never suffered any consequences for ignoring obvious ethical and moral rules that most people attend to innately. Men like Rangel feel that anything they do is right because they want to do it. Chesterton answers this by saying, ” … do not tell the lies to the people who know the truth. … Do not tell Eskimos that snow is bright green …”

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