Around the Intertubes: December 9, 2010

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on December 9, 2010

1. The ghost of Archimedes must be bummed.

2. “I suppose I should hereby retire from blogging.” I mustn’t get my hopes up that this threat will be carried out. Still, wouldn’t it be delightful if it were?

3. Can we please stop taking Paul Krugman seriously?

4. We do not comment on our vote-buying activities.

5. Another bit of fallout from the WikiLeaks disclosures: Fake news stories which claim to have derived their information from the WikiLeaks disclosure. Caveat emptor applies, and if consumers of information take such stories on faith, they are to blame for the stories being propagated, but I bet that Julian Assange never thought about how his little publicity stunt could lead to consequences more drastic and more detrimental than anything he could have possibly imagined.

6. How economics saved Christmas.

7. Geek. Heaven. Dear Lord, thank You for the Internet.

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