Shorter Jimmy Carter

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 26, 2010

“The United States should engage in ‘diplomatic niceties’ by accepting the North Korean demand for bilateral talks with the U.S., irrespective of the fact that by doing so, we would cut out the other four parties to talks concerning North Korea . . . including South Korea.”

In return for all of this, we are supposedly promised that discussion concerning an “array of centrifuges” from an advanced nuclear facility in North Korea would be “on the table.” Of course, “on the table” does not mean that “the North Koreans will agree with American demands concerning nuclear policy,” but Carter elides that point. He also elides the fact that even if–as is likely–the North Koreans balk at American demands concerning the development of nuclear weapons by Pyongyang, the precedent for bilateral talks will be established, the six-party talks will be dead, the United States will have no formal process (and likely no informal one either) to bring pressure to bear on North Korea via cooperation with China, Russia, and Japan, and South Korea will be permanently undercut. Pulling the plug on South Korea’s participation in this issue, by the way, would only serve to confirm North Korea’s contention that South Korea’s armed forces–and much of its foreign policy, by implication–are “controlled from Washington,” an argument as silly as Carter’s contention that “our close diplomatic and military ties with South Korea make us compliant with its leaders’ policies”; apparently, South Korea, along with Israel, robs the United States of the ability to formulate and implement policies that are in accord with our national interest.

Below, please find an electoral map of the 1980 Presidential election:

There are a number of reasons why Ronald Reagan’s victory over Jimmy Carter was so utterly lopsided. One reason why the voters rejected the 39th President for a second term had to do with his unbelievably naïve approach to, and conception of foreign policy. Clearly, in the 30 years since his electoral debacle, Carter has learned nothing about statecraft.

  • Countrylawyer

    Shades of Britain, France, and Germany discussing the fate of Czechoslovakia . . . while pointedly excluding the Czechs from the table. How’d that work out, again?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t cure stupid.

  • Njoriole

    It seems that, bad as he has been, Obama still has a way to go before giving Jimmah a run for his money as the worst President ever.

    • Anonymous

      It almost seems as if Mr. Carter heard the comparisons of Mr. Obama to himself and decided to put those comparisons to rest.

  • Lynklly8

    Why does ANYONE listen to that doddering old fool?

  • Anonymous

    Please, Jimmah: just go away. Shut up and go away.

    If you has a shred of decency, you’d crawl into a remote monastery and spend the pathetic remainder of your miserable life in abject penance.

  • Anonymous

    This sounds like a case of “ADD statecraft.”
    It just takes too long to get 6 parties of agree, so throw away 4 and expect the same result. The “micromanagement” mentality that dogged Carter in office continues, as he figures that he doesn’t need or trust his partners/staff to do anything correctly, so the solution is to reduce the number of parties involved. His belief in himself to solve the problem is greater than his belief in society to work out matters among a larger group. The misconception is that 2 parties can actually make any headway when it takes at least these 6 parties to form a regime for lasting resolution.

    • Anonymous

      Carter seems to think he was a great President.

      All I can think is that “Carter” must be Bengali for “denial” or something..

  • Talnik

    Carter’s so messed up that even when he dies, he’ll be the country’s worst living president.

    • kgbudge

      Carter is one of the few people I know whose IQ will improve posthumously.

  • Rich Vail

    If you ever wondered whether or not Jimmy Carter in fact has a brain…this is yet another indicator that, in fact, no he does not.

    Rich Vail
    Pikesville, MD
    The Vail Spot

  • Alex Bensky

    For obvious reasons, foreign and defense policy were not issues in the mid-term elections. I hope they will be in 2012; Obama’s approach has the potential for real disaster.

  • FrancisChalk

    Carter is an idiot. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron.

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