Attacking George W. Bush Hasn't Worked For Democrats

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 2, 2010


Don’t believe me? Then believe longtime Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg:

Some senior strategists are expressing dismay publicly. A September memo by Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg criticized the White House pitch that a vote for Republicans is a vote for “going backwards” to the policies of George W. Bush.

“After hearing this battle of Republican and Democratic messages, eight percent shift their vote to support the Republican, while only five percent move to the Democrats,” Mr. Greenberg wrote. “We lose ground. These messages are helping the Republicans.”

Mr. Greenberg then told a forum hosted by the liberal blog Fire Dog Lake he was “really puzzled over Democratic leaders stuck in a message that demonstrably doesn’t work.”

Maybe that means the answer to the signs is “yes.” Incidentally, Greenberg’s message must have driven the crowd over at Firedoglake (does any blog out there have a worse name?) completely around the bend.

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