Around the Intertubes: November 28, 2010

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on November 28, 2010

1. All hail bacteria. They can assist cancer-fighting nanobots in finding diseased cells, while leaving healthy cells alone. Additionally, they can solve Sudoku puzzles.

2. How to win a coin toss.

3. Via Tyler Cowen, the most boring day of the 20th century. Glad I didn’t have to live through it.

4. Get ready to pay up.

5. I still very much want to read the new Mark Twain autobiography, but my expectations are somewhat lowered.

6. You too can go off to learn to become a witch, or a wizard. (Via InstaPundit.)

7. The headline to this story caused me to believe for a moment that we were all doomed, until I realized that it was discussing a submarine.

8. Via 3 Quarks Daily, we have a proclaimed New Wave of Reason:

I am, of course, all for new waves of reason that promote scientific inquiry, rationality, and the ability to think intelligently about the world, and about our place in it. That having been written, the implication that the embrace of reason is somehow diametrically opposed to the possession of any kind of religious faith is ridiculous. To rebut this implication with but one argument, there are any number of people at my synagogue who are proud Jews, and for whom, religion plays an important role in their lives. They also are, in many cases, doctors, lawyers, and professors–a great many of them associated with the University of Chicago, which is nearby. To imply that these people, because of their religious faith, are somehow less equipped to ratiocinate is to misread them entirely. Obviously, those who believe that a New Wave of Reason has passed by the religious, never had the pleasure and privilege of having known my Rabbi, the late and great Arnold Jacob Wolf.

9. Also via 3 Quarks Daily, we have “The Top Ten Daily Consequences of Having Evolved.” If I ever (shudder) get an inguinal hernia, I will know what process to blame.

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