Toast or Roast? I Choose Roast.

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 12, 2010


Andrew Sullivan is asking for reflections on Andrew Sullivan, now that he has reached his tenth year of blogging.

Here are a couple of mine, written in the aftermath of this post. And, of course, the seminal piece on Andrew Sullivan was written by my friend and colleague, Chris Badeaux.

I suppose that the Daily Dish wants more than just a few link references in organizing its online quasi-festschrift for Sullivan, so I will note that he helped put me on the map back in 2002 when he linked to something of a love letter that I penned to America. I appreciate that, and always will. But Sullivan has turned positively Ahabesque in his pursuit of various sociopolitical White Whales, and that has only served to destroy his standing among former fans. It is one thing to change your mind, or your politics. It is quite another to ramble on and on and on and on about how Sarah Palin really wasn’t pregnant, about how Barack Obama’s only failing is that he is not sufficiently devoted to gay rights, and about how everyone in the Bush Administration ought to be in prison for having carried out pretty much the exact same interrogation and detention policies that the Obama Administration has carried out. The Andrew Sullivan of old would have never stood for the schlocky writing and arguments that populate the Daily Dish now. But it is clear that Sullivan has chosen not only to abandon his politics, but also his sense of integrity.

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