In Which the Left Loses Its Collective Mind Over Virginia Thomas

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 20, 2010


Anyone associated with Clarence Thomas who likes the guy is going to be a target for the left blogosphere, and Clarence Thomas’s wife is no exception, of course. I would not have even wasted my time with Anita Hill in the way that Virginia Thomas did by calling and asking for an apology, but the overreaction–courtesy of professional agitators like Steve Benen–is just daft. After trying to portray Virginia Thomas as some kind of shadow leader, Benen pronounces “creepy” the fact that Virginia Thomas left a voicemail for Anita Hill calling on Hill to apologize to Clarence Thomas.

Yeah. Apparently, that’s all it takes for Benen and his ilk to pronounce one “creepy.” Not once has it crossed the mindscapes of Benen and others on his side that it is more than a little ridiculous to equate this phone call to some kind of a stalking measure. Equally ridiculous was Hill’s decision to call the police (what, was Virginia Thomas somehow threatening Anita Hill?), and to claim that being criticized by someone is “offensive” (apparently, the left can talk all sorts of trash about the Thomases, but if someone calls for an apology, knickers suddenly find themselves into a twist on the port side).

What’s really “creepy” in this entire equation is that unemployment is reaching 10%, the national security apparatus of the Executive Branch is in disarray (as pointed out by Bob Woodward), and the Obama Administration appears intellectually exhausted after less than two years in office. Instead of working to solve these problems, the Administration appears to be out to lunch. Meanwhile, its minions are busy dreaming up personal attacks on the wives of people with whom they don’t agree, for the silliest of reasons. Again, I would not have wasted my time in the way that Virginia Thomas did, and someone should talk to her about lost causes and priorities. But something about specks and beams comes to mind when reading the likes of Steve Benen on these kinds of issues.

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