In Which Andrew Sullivan–Surprise!–Forgets History

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 20, 2010


I am fully in agreement with Ahab-to-Sarah-Palin’s-White-Whale in his contention that President Obama ought to go to India’s Golden Temple, and that the requirement that the President cover his head ought not to be a barrier simply because some people might begin speculating anew that the President is a Muslim (despite the fact that the Golden Temple is a Sikh place of worship). But the following passage from Sarah Palin’s would-be obstetrician is more than a little ridiculous:

Sigh. The only way to fight FNC/RNC propaganda is to stare it down defiantly. Never let them see you afraid. Never concede the point to liars, bigots, and charlatans.

Sigh. Did the Inspector Clouseau of Trig Palin’s matrilineal line forget that pictures of Obama in Somali tribal dress were circulated by a certain Democrat who just happens to currently serve as the most senior Cabinet officer in the Obama Administration? Did he fail to remember that said Cabinet officer once issued these bons mots back in 2008?

And what party does this particular Cabinet officer belong to. What TV show would be more likely to hire said Cabinet officer as a commentator? FNC? Or MSNBC?

It is a pity that even when I partially agree with the Giant Chicken-to-Sarah-Palin’s-Peter-Griffin, I am forced to take him to task for something disingenuous and ignorant in his commentary. I would label his commentary utterly ridiculous, but I fear that other utterly ridiculous things not currently in possession of sentience would try to acquire sentience, and then with that sentience, deluge me with e-mails objecting to comparisons between themselves, and the words found on the Daily Dish.

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