Barack Obama, the Chamber of Commerce, and Demagogues

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 12, 2010


It is unsurprising, of course, to see that Mark Kleiman is mindlessly parroting the lines of the Obama Administration, but one wishes that he would get the facts before trying to be the Administration’s Most Valuable Political Hack. Notwithstanding Kleiman’s attempts to popularize David Axelrod’s efforts to make the Chamber prove a negative, the facts simply are not on the Obama Administration’s side. And of course, it is worth noting anew that if Mark Kleiman really is concerned about foreign money potentially influencing the outcome of American elections, he would have raised a hue and cry over the Obama campaign’s fundraising setup in 2008. But as anyone familiar with Kleiman knows, he is not the type to be intellectually honest.

For intellectual honesty on this issue, one turns to the likes of Michael Barone, who–unlike Kleiman–cares deeply about getting the facts right. More debunking of weak White House/Kleimanian spin can be found here, and here. And to be fair to the Democrats, some of them realize that the White House/Kleiman stance on this issue is both politically stupid, and utterly non-reality-based.

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