Around the Intertubes: October 25

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 25, 2010


1. God forbid the Democrats actually just admit that (a) they did a bad job governing; (b) they did a bad job campaigning; (c) the GOP has done a better job campaigning; and (d) more people–including independents–trust the GOP to do a better job governing. No; if the GOP is winning/wins, there has to be cheating involvedthe possibility of Democratic cheating notwithstanding. No other explanation is possible with the Democrats. And remember: They like to claim that they are “reality-based.”

2. I can’t believe we are actually even having a debate over this.

3. Mayor of the Moon! It will happen eventually.

4. New chess simul record set.

5. Speaking of chess, who is that masked can?

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