Around the Intertubes: October 22

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on October 22, 2010


1. Gosh, I would hate to think that tolerant port-siders are launching cyber attacks against Tea Party sites.

2. Keeping fear alive. And demonization. And misrepresentation. With each passing day, the current President looks more and more like the caricature drawn of the previous President.

3. Promises to the contrary notwithstanding, Barney Frank has raked in over $400,000 from lenders that received federal bailouts. Of course, I guess that this is what happens when you suddenly realize that after years, and years of living on Electoral Easy Street, you suddenly have a fight on your hands.

4. Speaking of raising campaign funds, populism and business-bashing apparently stop when there are political donations to be had. I am sure that we would be hearing more from the Obama Administration about Google’s efforts to avoid taxes on foreign profits if it gave money to Republicans. More here.

5. If Juan Williams can get fired, why does Nina Totenberg get to keep her job?

6. Bill Clinton is about as condescending and insulting as other Democrats are when talking about people with whom they disagree, but while I have a lot of respect for Barack Obama’s political skills, Clinton is clearly still the master; the best politician that the Democrats have. He is smarter than Obama, and better at connecting with people. He may have been off his game in 2008, but he is clearly back on it.

7. Was Linda Greenhouse this concerned about judicial vacancies back when George W. Bush was President, and the likes of Miguel Estrada were being filibustered–in Estrada’s case, because of his race? Or when former Senators Obama, Biden, and Clinton joined in a last-ditch effort to filibuster Samuel Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court?

8. Krauthammer brings the funny.

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