Rubio Leads Big in Florida

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 16, 2010


Being a libertarian-conservative, I am perfectly happy to support right-of-center candidates in states where right-of-center candidates can win in the general election. So I was glad to support Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist, and I am glad to see that despite Crist’s attempts to divide Republican and right-of-center votes in the general election, Rubio has a huge lead:

Republican candidate Marco Rubio has opened a clear lead in a Florida Senate race, becoming the latest Tea Party favorite to benefit from voter anger at Washington, a Reuters/Ipsos poll found on Wednesday.

Six weeks before November 2 congressional elections, Rubio leads state Governor Charlie Crist, an independent, by 40 percent to 26 percent among likely voters, the poll found. Democrat Kendrick Meek trails at 21 percent.

Of course, the difference between Florida and Delaware, and Rubio and Christine O’Donnell, is considerable, which would explain my position.

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