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by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 23, 2010


As I return to the subject of Fidel Castro and the many things he said to me on my recent visit to Havana, I’m struck again and again by a wonderful irony. Fidel is the icon of the global Left. The global Left today is thoroughly infiltrated by Israel-negationists, those people who have aligned themselves with hardcore Islamists and extreme-rightists to form a Red-Green-Brown front opposed to the existence of the world’s only Jewish-majority country. It’s a strange alliance, of course, in which to find self-described progressives, but hatred of Jewish national equality can do funny things to people’s heads. But what’s even stranger is that Fidel, this historic, iconic figure for global leftists, expresses nothing but sympathy for Jews, for the history of Jewish suffering, and even for the Jewish state. He doesn’t have much love for its governments, but for the idea of Israel? Nothing but support.

Jeffrey Goldberg. This should make a few heads explode.

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