Pure Stupidity

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 7, 2010


The promise on the part of a small Florida church to burn Qur’ans is, of course, despicable, and highly offensive, but it is also unbelievably stupid and counterproductive. Anyone who thinks of himself/herself as a patriotic American, will want to denounce an idea that will only serve to harm American troops in Afghanistan. And anyone who thinks of himself/herself as a patriotic American will want to take seriously General David Petraeus’s notion that in order to fight the barbarians of al Qaeda and the Taliban, one must necessarily ensure that one does not behave like a barbarian here at home.

  • robspe

    And anyone who thinks that caving in to the savage Taliban will help in any way to assure the safety of American troops in Afghanistan can not see that standing up to evil is the only way to beat it back. “The Koran is evil and should be burned” is not a position that everyone needs to agree with but it is one that is perfectly comprehensible and fully supported by the events of the last few decades. The events in the Middle East teach us that weakness is punished and that consideration and “good behavior” is more dangerous than burning a piece of inflammatory propaganda.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/4SZNTV3MEY2RHUML7TOB7J52SQ John

    Your commentary here is sufficiently politically correct to put you squarely among the self-appointed enlightened, but you're missing something. I think the following post at Power Line fills in the blank: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2010/09/027168.php

  • robspe

    I agree. I'm more worried about the intervention by a senior military commander in a protest demonstration against a demonstrably evil religion than I am bothered by that evil religion's predictably psychotic reaction to anything and everything that the West does. As I saw at another blog, would any senior military commanders have protested at the burning of Mein Kampf by an American church during WWII, because, after all, we can't risk making the Nazis mad at us?!

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