Belated Commentary on the President's Oval Office Speech

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on September 2, 2010


I am glad to see that President Obama finally found time to say something nice about his predecessor in his most recent Oval Office address to the nation regarding the end of combat operations in Iraq. While President Obama was at it, he could have added the following:

Back when Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and I were in the Senate, the Bush Administration instituted a troop surge into Iraq that was part of an overall counterinsurgency strategy to stop the sectarian violence in that country. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and I all trashed the troop surge, and said that it would never work. We also trashed the general who led it; General David Petraeus.

We were wrong to trash the surge, and we were wrong to trash General Petraeus. Of course, my fellow Americans, you have probably figured out the fact that we realize we are wrong, because as you know, we have instituted a troop surge in Afghanistan to be led by none other than General Petraeus. But I think it is high time that I stated, for the record, that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and I made a whopper of a mistake on this issue, and that George W. Bush was right.

Evidently, this simple, entirely accurate admission was too much for President Obama to make on national television.

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