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by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 22, 2010


I don’t smoke cigars or scotch, and I think I can run faster than him.

Rod Blagojevich on the differences between him and Winston Churchill. Of course, that whole Nobel Prize in Literature, and the success in helping save the world from Nazi tyranny don’t figure into the differences between Churchill and Blago. But give Governor Rod his due: He is quite right in pointing out that he can run faster than a dead man.

  • robspe

    I'm sure he's quite right about the deleterious effects of smoking scotch whisky. Not that I've tried it. Just think, without the scotch and cigars Churchill might have lived to 150 instead of just 90.

  • Rich_Rostrom

    Well, defeating the Nazis and the Nobel Prize came late for Churchill. Blago is only 54.

    At that age, Churchill was only Chancellor of the Exchequer under Baldwin. He had already made his second comeback: he was sacked as First Lord of the Admiralty after Gallipoli, returned to government two years later, holding three different ministries, was thrown out with the rest of the Liberals in 1922, and returned to government again with the Conservatives in 1924.

    However, we might also notice that Blago hasn't seen combat action in four different wars, or written three best-selling books about his war experiences (and six other major books).

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