Fire Paul Krugman. Now.

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 6, 2010


It really is time for the New York Times Ombudsperson to step in and stop Paul Krugman from perpetrating further intellectual fraud and dishonesty. Having written a hysterical attack on Congressman Paul Ryan that relies on support from the Tax Policy Center, Krugman now finds himself firmly rebutted by, well, Ted Gayer of the Tax Policy Center. (Via Greg Mankiw.)

Read the whole thing. Then tell me who the real “flimflam man” is.

UPDATE: More on Paul Krugman’s flimflam commentary. It’s good to see that Krugman is being taken to the woodshed for petulant and irresponsible commentary. At best, Krugman is a hack writer who can’t argue his way out of a paper bag. At worst–and more likely–he is just plain disingenuous. But again, Krugman’s ongoing effort to lie to his readers deserves the attention and opprobrium of the New York Times Ombudsperson. How many more times must Krugman flout common sense before the New York Times acts to save its reputation and integrity?

  • Fred Chittenden

    Don't try to make a fool out of Mr Krugman — he's doing just fine all by himself.

  • LemurDaddy

    Almost three days have gone by, and still Krugman hasn't been fired. What the hell happened? Didn't they read your post? Dammit, a blogger on the internets said the man must go, so why isn't he gone? Don't these internet tubes work right?

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