Are the Tea Parties Racist?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on August 30, 2010

On today’s episode of Welcome to the Know, The New Ledger’s Brad Jackson and Pejman Yousefzadeh discuss accusations of racism in the Tea Party movement, Jim DeMint, and the listener submitted topic we asked for last week.

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  • Anonymous

    Asking if the Tea Party movement is “racist” makes about as much sense as asking if we want to drown children born with red hair as the offspring of incubi. The very question itself is absurd. But more importantly, it is a question that can easily be answered, and answered in the negative.

    But then those who ask this question are not looking for answers, but for an opportunity to slander. Accusations of racism are the left’s way of attacking someone’s reputation without ever having to prove them guilty of any wrongdoing.

    The good news is that the public has grown wise to this tactic and its use against those of us in the tea party movement has been largely unsuccessful. The only people who believe (or I should say pretend to believe) that we are racists are leftists and those who pay fealty to the left. Mainstream Americans know better.

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