You Want Bipartisanship?

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 28, 2010


You got it. Republicans back the Administration’s war effort in Afghanistan, while Democrats back away.

Remember when Democrats told us that we ought to get out of Iraq in order to devote more time, and resources to Afghanistan? Those days certainly ended in a hurry. Why, one almost thinks that there was some sort of bait-and-switch involved; now that we are getting out of Iraq, there appears to no longer be the pretense on the part of Democrats of portraying Afghanistan as some kind of necessary war.

Too bad. Of course, there would be no reason for al Qaeda–you know, the guys who hit us on September 11th–not to return if we left Afghanistan precipitously. And there would be no reason for al Qaeda not to use its renewed position in Afghanistan to once again start plotting how to harm the United States, and/or American security interests. But I guess these concerns have been forgotten by some.

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