President Obama: Before and After

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 18, 2010


Before: “No way is a mandate to purchase health insurance a tax!”

After: “Of course, a mandate to purchase health insurance can be defended on the grounds that it is a tax.”

As Nancy Pelosi said, we had to pass the health care reform bill to find out what is in it. Among other things, we are finding out that the Obama Administration deliberately sought to mislead us on the substance of the legislation.

Further in the “we-have-to-pass-the-health-care-reform-bill-to-find-out-what-is-in-it” saga: “Americans will be asked to pay higher prices for the privilege of choosing or keeping their own doctors,” thanks to the insurance plans being promoted in the wake of health care “reform.” Of course, this particular topic touches on yet another Administration effort to mislead; we were repeatedly assured by the Administration throughout the health care reform debate that we would be allowed to keep our own doctors, and our own health care plans. Now we see–and anyone paying attention to the debate could have told you this from the outset–that in order to keep one’s plan, one may have to pay more in health insurance costs, and that lower costs come hand in hand with fewer health care choices. Are there people for whom this new arrangement is going to be advantageous? Sure. But it still represents yet another broken promise on the issue of health care reform.

More broken promises: Repeated Administration assurances to the contrary notwithstanding, the IRS is going to be involved in health care policy.

  • Granny

    I am shocked, shocked, that my president would LIE to me. /sarc off. Anybody with half a brain could see this coming. I plan to be a non-participant. When they haul Granny off to jail for non-compliance, I intend to get as much publicity as I can and embarrass the hell out of them. That is, if they're capable of being embarrassed.

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