On the Recess Appointment of Donald Berwick

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 8, 2010


Unlike Comrade Domenech, I guess I am not going to make that big a deal of this appointment; largely because it and its kind are so expected these days. We know that the President will choose people to help administer health care programs, and the health care reform package that he worked to push through, who believe that we ought to just ration health care “with our eyes open” in the future. We know that the President will pick people who like the British National Health Service despite all of the problems with the NHS. We know that the President will pick people who think that we ought to redistribute wealth. None of this surprises me, or Comrade Domenech, and since we are different people with different reactions to events, my reaction to Berwick’s appointment is more to roll my eyes than anything else.

I do venture to hope, however, that the celebration of this recess appointment on the port side will mean that the next time a Republican President makes a recess appointment, port-siders won’t lose their collective minds protesting the advent of a new Imperial Presidency, particularly given the fact–which I have often pointed out–that they don’t really mind the presence of an Imperial Presidency so long as one of their own is the Imperial President in question.

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