On Shirley Sherrod

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 21, 2010


Jonah Goldberg’s take is the same as mine. The following passage is particularly important to heed:

In one of the recent Journolist belches we saw how creatures like Spencer Ackerman see nothing wrong with randomly charging innocent conservatives with racism in order to send a message. This is a deplorable tactic conservatives regularly and rightly deplore when used by liberals (we usually have less proof than we have in Ackerman’s confession). I see no reason to emulate this tactic and I very much doubt that was Andrew’s intent. Some emailers on the other hand seem to come close to making the case for this kind of thing. As I’ve argued countless times before, this sort of politics is almost always counter-productive and quite often grotesque. Embracing the tactics you condemn in others requires, at minimum, that you stop condemning it in others. It also has the potential to sell your soul on layaway.

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