Not-so-Random Political Links that Should Disturb the White House

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 14, 2010


1. Memories of a popular President Obama are now fleeting. Only 13% believe that the Obama Administration’s economic policies have helped them personally.

2. Robert Gibbs was stating the obvious. But that doesn’t change the fact that White House Press Secretaries don’t go around blithely predicting electoral victories by the party currently locked out of the White House. For Gibbs to have been forced to admit that Republicans could prevail in the midterm elections is really significant. And while it is possible that Gibbs was just trying to wake Democratic partisans up to the possibility that Republicans might prevail, his remarks sound more like a mixture of resignation and panic.

3. Gibbs only stated that Republicans might win the House. But Republican prospects in the Senate are looking better these days. I still think that Republicans are more likely to win the House than they are the Senate, but one can no longer take it for granted that Democrats will be able to hold on to the Senate.

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