More on Kerstein v. Greenwald

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 10, 2010


In addition to his article noted here, Glenn Greenwald writes here as well about how Ben Kerstein’s takedown was supposedly “so trite, so formulaic and predictable, so inconsequential and substance-free, so 2003, that it’s basically impossible to get yourself to care enough even to respond.” (Emphasis Greenwald’s). To which, the obvious reply is to ask why it is that Greenwald felt the need to respond twice, if it was “basically impossible to get [himself] to care enough even to respond” presumably once.

I’ll leave it to Greenwald to give us an answer when he responds a third time to Kerstein’s charges, while protesting anew that he is just so apathetic about the whole thing. Meanwhile, another data point in favor of the “s*** attracts flies” theory–we at the New Ledger got the following Greenwald-inspired e-mail intended for Ben Kerstein from a Mr. Ranier Mack–whose e-mail address, by the way, is–today:

Ben, I remember you. You were the klutz in gym class who couldn’t hit the layup during the B-ball drill. The smelly goof who made the pretty girls barf. Sure, Benny Kerstein, Benny The Penny ’cause you were always so cheap. And, now, you’re a joinalist. Mazel tov, my man! On your next big scoop – don’t forget to wipe the gefilte fish off your face when you turn it in to Perry White. And who knows…if you break something especially big (like the inside story of how many unarmed humanitarian aid workers the dopey Jew goons shoot in the back on the next Gaza aid ship) – you might even get to fress a porky bottle blond shiksa! Oink oink! Boink boink! Benny The Penny – who knew? yr old pal, Mack The Knife.

Courtesy of our old and good friend, Joshua Treviño, we learn that Mr. Mack’s stylings are found elsewhere on the Internet as well. It takes a lot for me to be sympathetic to the likes of Eric Alterman, but Mr. Mack has helped me find that sympathy. Kudos.

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