Journolist's Mission

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 20, 2010


The people on it didn’t just try to cover the news. They tried to shape it.

That’s their business, of course. But it bears reminding that anytime anyone accused Journolist of being motivated by ideology, its members would hotly deny the charge, and protest that the list existed solely and exclusively for the purposes of disseminating information to its members. Those who were sold this story were lied to.

An additional thought: If Republicans put together anything like Journolist, the charges of “groupthink!” would be non-stop and ongoing. And not just from New Media port-side bloggers, either.

  • FuzzyFace

    Is it really “their business”? I'd have thought that their employers were trying to sell the idea that news reporting, at least, is supposed to be free from bias, and that it is a journalists obligation to report rather than make news.

  • robspe

    I agree. The very use of the name “Journolist” shows they were trying to cover themselves with the mantle of neutrality and objectivity that has traditionally been accorded to journalists, however foolishly. So “shaping the news” under this camouflage is both cynical and fraudulent. But I suppose they think they're being clever. When will the adults take charge again?

  • Fred Chittenden

    This 'shaping' of the news by left wing blogs and reporters is just another in an endless list of examples of political bigotry of the left. They've replaced bigotry against blacks with bigotry against conservatives. Stuff that doesn't promote their politically bigoted goal, such as objective reporting of radicals on the left doesn't rise the level of need to report…

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