Iran's Potemkin Holiday

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 12, 2010


Nowadays, the regime doesn’t even seem to be trying to cover up its incompetence:

Iran’s government has shut down for two days, with all civil servants and public sector workers going home for an unexpected holiday, in a move apparently designed to save electricity.

The state is the biggest employer in the country, with about 2.2m full-time staff. Officially, the reason given for the closure was an “unprecedented” level of midsummer heat.

However, Iran’s Weather Forecast Organisation said recent temperatures of 40°C to 43°C in Tehran had been experienced before, al-though temperatures had stayed above 40° for longer than in previous years.

Ordinary Iranians and analysts believe the government’s real motive was to cope with a severe shortage of electricity. “People should help [the government] by consuming electricity more considerately,” said Majid Namjoo, energy minister, on state television.

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