Doubtless, Another Glenn Greenwald Reader

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 10, 2010


Another e-mail to Ben Kerstein, this one from

Hey Douche,

Bostonian by birth, fascist Zionist by choice. Did i quote you correctly?

You are the lowest of low. Wow, one-thousand fanatical, warmongering Jews support the murder of 9 unarmed civilians in international waters? Good job.

Does your vocabulary reach beyond using the word anti-semite, pro-terrorist, self-hating jew? You are not Jewish – you have no identity. You are just another two-bit, full-of-yourself, less than intelligent Zionist who thinks that they are doing Israel a favor by defending the indefensible.

I didn’t know hasbara was an occupation? You would make Goebbels proud.

Keep creating facts on the ground in Israel, and lies everywhere in-between. Very soon the shoe will be on the other foot, and the backlash will have Jews wanting to go back to the good ol days of Auschwitz.

Have fun hanging out with your Israeli “art student” buddies in T.A. I hope you have a chance encounter with a Qassam in the very near future. I’ll be sure to follow your “blog”. I can’t wait till Israels next PR debacle. I love watching the crew kick out the lies in over-drive. So shameless, so incredibly pathetic and spineless – like you.

Now, get back to masturbating to the poster of Baruch Goldstein in your moms basement.

Good boy.

(Emphasis mine.) Somehow, Greenwald readers seem to have a habit of pining for the Holocaust to return. For a more enlightened take, of course, one can read David Bernstein, who will doubtless be denounced as a Jewish neocon in short order.

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