Congratulations to Spain

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 12, 2010


Though the World Cup Final was not all that one hoped for aesthetically from a soccer game, there is no doubt that the better team won, with Spain possessing far more talented players, and more firepower to finally get the job done. A characteristic of the Spanish game has been to wear down opponents until they finally made a mistake Spain could take advantage of. That trait was in evidence in yesterday’s game. It’s hard to believe that a team can repeatedly win 1-0 over opponents all the way towards a World Cup championship, but Spain did just that with patience, discipline, and tenacity. Their victory is well-deserved.

Well-deserved also was Germany’s victory over Uruguay in the consolation game. This latter game was far more enjoyable to watch, and my only complaint is that the World Cup Final was not as well played.

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