Another Obama Administration Job Offer

by Pejman Yousefzadeh on July 16, 2010


I guess that since the attempt to get Joe Sestak out of the Pennsylvania Senate race with a job offer failed, the only natural thing for the Obama Administration to do was to offer a new job to Arlen Specter, now that the latter is leaving the Senate. And as with all Obama Administration job offers, this one naturally causes suspicious minds to go into overdrive:

Talk of such a job, however, has raised eyebrows among Specter’s Republican Senate colleagues, who are now eyeing his votes with added scrutiny. For instance, Specter seemed not particularly impressed with Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, whose nomination as solicitor general Specter opposed last year. This week, he announced support for her Supreme Court nomination.

Does Specter’s conversion on this issue stem from a potential job offer from the Administration? I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is “yes.”

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